Rib Corrugating Machine

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- The unit consists of a Rib Corrugating Machine, Un-coiler, Slitter and Coiler
- Suitable for corrugating Galvanized and color coated coil of annealed sheet
- Gear Box: Worm-Worm wheel with open gears
- Other parts: cast iron stand Phosphor bronze bush with cast iron block. Roll adjusting screw with hand wheel entry table Base frame etc.
- Simple shaft and screw mechanism. 
- Shaft is inserted into the coil eye hole and tightened by the screws fitted on the shaft. 
- After mounting the coil on the shaft, the shaft is then mounted on the bush block and rotated by the pinch roll.

- Slitter head consisting of a pair of driven slitter shaft on which by combination cutter and spacer, coil is slit in required width and pieces (slits).
- Cutter made of Hc Hcr steel heat-treated and ground to close tolerance used. 16 cutters provided with machine.
- Spacer made of EN-8 / EN-9 material hardened and ground - quantity about 50 pieces
- Construction: Fabricated, stress relieved, machined bed.
- Cutter shaft rotates on two taper roller bearings, one needle roller bearing.
- Change over of cutter, spacer by opening operator side housing manually.
- Two pinch rollers are provided at front and backside of the slitting head.
- Fabricated Drum made of heavy duty plate with bush bearing and fabricated stand with hand wheel to operate manually.

Standard Accessories: Electric motors, Uncoiler, Slitter, Coiler

Specifications:  Model: RCM-1100
MAIN MACHINE Width of Coil:  1100 mm
  Thickness of Coil: 0.25 to 0.60 mm
  Shape of Rib: As per drawing shown below
  Feeding Speed:  15 m / min
  Top and Bottom Corrugating Rolls:  380 mm diameter, solid, machined and surface hardened
  Main Motor: 7.5 HP
SLITTER Cutter size 160 mm O.D. x 3.5mm thickness 
  Max. cuts at a time: 4
  Motor for Slitter: 5 HP
COILER Drum OD x Length: 500 x 1200 mm
GENERAL Net / Gross Weight: 4700 / 5200 kgs.
  Case Dimensions: 2.60 x 2.20 x 1.85
  Shipping Volume: 10.60 m3

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