Continuous Wire Drawing Machines

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Fine Wire Drawing Machine

General Features:
- Main body with base, drawing drum and drawing die box of close grain Cast Iron
- Water Cooling arrangement provided inside the Drawing Drum and the Die Box
- Phosphorous bronze gears with high carbon axle steel worms
- Suitable for making Nail Wire from 8 mm or 6 mm input rods up to 2 mm
- Also suitable for making Wire used to make Barbed Wire, Wire Mesh, etc.
- Wet / Slip type Fine Wire Drawing Machine also available - Details on request
    The wire rod to be drawn is pointed in the Wire Pointing Machine. This pointed wire is inserted through the die of the first Wire Drawing Machine and fastened to a locking device on the drum. The drum is then started. As the drum rotates, the wire fastened to the drum gets pulled and coiled around the drum. Since the wire getting pulled is passed through the die having a higher inlet diameter and a lower outlet diameter, the drawn wire diameter gets reduced.
    The starting end of the drawn wire is released from the lock of the first drum, is passed through the overhead loop and pulley provided, is brought down and is inserted through the die of the second drum and drawn through this die for further reduction. Thus, the wire is drawn through all the wire drawing drums of the set in a continuous manner to get the required finished diameter of the wire.
    When the drum of the last wire drawing machine gets fully loaded with the drawn wire, the machine will be stopped to unload the finished material and then restarted. (If one opts for the continuous coiling machine, the drawing process will not have to be stopped for this purpose)
    When the bundle of input rod finishes, the machine should be stopped. The end of this bundle is welded to the end of a new bundle of rod using the butt welding machine. Then the process is to be continued.
    Also, in case of an accidental snapping of wire in between drums, the snapped ends are welded with the help of the butt welding machine and the process is continued.

Heavy Duty Bull Block Wire Drawing Machine - High Speed

Heavy Duty Bull Block Wire Drawing Machine - High Speed
Model: WD-750 WD-610 WD-560 WD-460 WD-305
No. of Blocks: 1 to 3 1 to 6 1 to 8 1 to 6 1 to 10
Diameter of Drum: 750 mm (30") 610 (24") 560 (22") 460 (18") 305 (12")
Material to be Drawn: Mild Steel / High Carbon Steel / Non-Ferrous Metals
Inlet Wire Size (mm): 12 8 6 4 2.6
Finished Wire size (mm): 6 3.37 2 1.68 0.7
Finishing Speed (Machine rpm): 45 110 140 180 380 / 540
Motor (HP): 1st Block: 50 40 30 15 10
2nd Block: 40 30 25 10 7.5
3rd Block: 30 25 10 10 7.5
Rest of the Blocks: -- 20 10 10 5
Approximate Block Weight (kgs.): 1850 1550 1450 800 500

Note: On request, we undertake supply of Wire Drawing Machines as per customer’s production requirement and specifications of inlet and finished wire desired

Single Die Holder Bull Block 30" (750 mm) Wire Drawing Machine

Triple Die Holder Bull Block Wire Drawing Machine

Standard Equipment:   Electric Motors

Auxiliary Equipment:      Wire Pointing Machine, Butt Welding Machine, Electric Control Panel, Mechanical Descaling Attachment, Pay-Off Stand, Continuous Coiling Device, Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Dies and Die Polishing Equipment



Heavy Duty Bull Block Wire Drawing Machine

Extra Heavy Duty Bull Block Continuous Wire Drawing Machines (High Speed)

Auxiliary Equipment:

Wire Pointing Machine

- This machine is suitable for pointing different types of materials like Mild Steel, High Carbon Steel, Aluminium, Copper, etc.
- The pointing rolls are made of EN-31 material and are ground finished. They are driven by power as well as by hand.
- The machine is mounted on 4 wheels, making it mobile and useful to serve several drawing machines

Model WPM-10 WPM-15 WPM-20 WPM-25 WPM-25C
Roller Length x Diameter 100 x 70 mm 150 x 98 mm 200 x 98 mm 250 x 110 mm 250 x 110 mm
Wire Diameter Range: 1 to 3 mm 2 to 8 mm 2 to 10 mm 3 to 12 mm 4 to 14 mm
Wire Material Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Non-Ferrous (Brass, Copper)
Motor (HP) 1.0 3.0 3.0 5.0 7.5

Butt Welding Machine



Welding Range in mm

Mild Steel Aluminium Copper

H. C. Steel

4 3 to 1 2.5 to 1 2 to 1 -
6 6 to 2 5 to 2 5 to 2 -
8 8 to 3 7 to 3 6 to 3 7 to 3
15 13 to 5 10 to 4 8 to 4 10 to 4

Electric Control Panel

- Suitable for Multi Blocker Wire drawing machines.
- Supplied with Voltmeter & Ammeter for individual blocks.
- Supplied with Pilot Lamp, Timer, Auxiliary Relay Starters, Contactors, Overload Relay, H.R.C. Fuses, etc.
- Fitted on a M.S. Fabricated cabinet

Mechanical Descaling Attachment

Suitable to fit with the first block of the wire drawing machines to remove the scales from the inlet wire rod.

Stripper / Spider

- Unloading Stand for unloading drawn wires through overhead electric hoist


Pay-Off Stand

- M. S. Fabricated, double hand movable system Pay-Off Stand.
- Suitable to feed the wire rods to the first block of the Wire Drawing Machines

Continuous Coiling Device (Dead Coiler)

- To be fitted to the final block of continuous wire drawing machines.
- Capable to unload the drawn wire from the continuous system wire drawing system without stopping the machine.
- Supplied with suitable electric motor 


Fine & Intermediate Wet Wire Drawing Machines

- Intermediate Wet Wire Drawing Machines for Aluminium and Copper Wires with inlet of 10 gauge (3.25 mm) and finished wire of 22 gauge (0.7 mm)
- Fine Wet Wire Drawing Machines for Galvanized Wires with inlet of 16 / 18 gauge (1.6 to 1.2 mm) and finished wire of 26 / 28 gauge (up to 0.375 mm)
- Fine Wet Wire Drawing Machines for Aluminium and Copper Wires with inlet of 19 / 22 gauge (1 to 0.7 mm) and finished wire of 30 gauge (up to 0.315 mm)
- Available in 13, 17 and 21 Dies
- Supplied with Step Pulley Type Capstans
- Die Boxes fitted separately in front of the Step Pulley Type Capstans
- Machine supplied with Gear Box and Motor
- Final Winding Drum synchronized in speed and driven by Sprocket Chain

Bobbin Winding Machine



Wire Annealing Furnace

- Pit type electrically heated Annealing Furnace 
- Available in capacity of 75 KW with production of 1.5 Tons (per charge of 6 hour cycle) 
- Also available in capacity of 60 KW with production of 1.0 Tons (per charge of 6 hour cycle) 
- Temperature: 900oC with temperature indicator
- Lining of high quality insulation bricks
- Inner pot of stainless steel with outer shell M.S. fabricated
- Supplied with a Control Panel

Typical Four Blocker Continuous Bull Block Wire Drawing Plant
for Drawing up to 2 mm Nail Wire from 6 mm or 5.5 mm Input Rod

1. Wire Drawing Machine, having FOUR Blocks in Tandem: 24” Single Die Holder, Inlet Wire size 6 mm, Finished wire size 2 mm in multiple passes, with one 30 HP / 960 RPM, two 25 HP / 1440 RPM and one 20 HP / 1440 RPM electric motors
2. Wire Pointing Machine, with 3 HP / 960 RPM electric motor
3. 8 KVA Butt Welding Machine
4. De-Scaling Attachment, to be fitted on the first block (of 24” diameter) of the Wire Drawing Machine
5. Motorized Die-Polishing Machine with 0.5 HP electric motor
6. Automatic Electric Control Panel Board, suitable for the above quoted four blocks of the Wire Drawing Machine
7. Continuous Coiling Device (Dead Coiler), suitable to unload the finished wires from continuous wire drawing machine automatically, complete with 20 HP / 1440 RPM electric motor and accessories
8. Fabricated Body, Double Hand System Pay-Off Stand suitable to release wires from coil
  Recommended Drawing Dies and other accessories
9. 19 x 17 pallet size Tungsten Carbide Dies (50 nos.)
10. 17 x 15 pallet size Tungsten Carbide Dies (210 nos.)
11. Diamond Pins (20 nos.)
12. Norbide powder (300 gms.)
13. Diamond Paste (5 Tubes)

We also Offer DRAW BENCHES / BAR DRAWING MACHINES - Kindly follow this link for details

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