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Automatic Spring Coiling Machine

Automatic Spring End Grinding Machine
Automatic Wire Decoiler  

Automatic Spring Coiling Machine

- Coiling Machine has a Segment Drive in place of the Clutch
- Variable Speed Drive for different geometry of springs
- Minimum Spring Index Dm/d (mean diameter / wire diameter) for wire diameter up to 2 mm - 5, above 2.5 mm - 7

Model: FA-10S FA-20S FA-30S
Wire Dia. (mm): 0.2 - 0.8 0.6 - 3.0 1.0 - 4.0
Spring OD up to (mm): 20 60 60
Production rate up to (Springs / min): 200 80 80
Wire Feed Length (mm): 850 1500 1500
Motor (HP): 0.5 7.5 7.5
Gross Weight (kgs.): 450 750 750
Approximate Shipping Volume (m3): 0.35 1.25 1.25

Standard Accessories: Horizontal and Vertical Straightening Device, Clamping Device for adjusting pressure of feeding rollers, Clamping device for Coiling Mandrel, retractable mandrel, Brake arrangement for Feeding Rollers, Piece Counter, Electric Control Panel and electricals, complete set of tools to cover entire wire diameter range of the machine

Automatic Wire Decoiler

- The Decoiler starts as and when the Coiling Machine required wire. As soon as sufficient wire in the form of Loop is available, the decoiling stops, only to start again as required. This intermittent operation is performed automatically with use of proximity switches and solid-state control panel.
- In case the wire gets entangled or cannot be fed for any reason, the Decoiler and coiling machine motors cutoff automatically, preventing the wire from breaking.

Model: DC-60 DC-300
Motor (HP): 0.25 1.50
Loading Plate Dia. (mm): 600 1200
Coil Weight (kgs.): 60 300
Approx. Shipping Volume (m3): 0.70 1.00

Automatic Spring End Grinding Machine

- Available in two different versions with different Grinding Cycles - Crush Grinding and Down Feed Grinding
- Model SEG-1 and SEG-3 with Crush Grinding Cycle as the springs in these wire ranges can be easily ground with this process
- Model SEG-12 with an option of Crush Grinding or Down Feed Grinding as with bigger wire size springs can be ground better with Down Feed cycle and it gives high production rate with minimum handling of the springs

Model: SEG-1 SEG-3 SEG-12
Grinding Process: Crush Crush Crush or Down Feed
Wire Diameter (mm): 0.4 - 1.0 0.3 - 3.0 (single pass)
up to 5.0 (multi pass)
3.0 - 12.0
Spring External Diameter (mm): 3 - 15 3 - 40 10 - 120
Spring Length (mm): 5 - 150 5 - 150 10 - 350 (with new wheels)
15 - 425 (with worn out wheels)
Wheel Type (mm): Plain Cup Cup
Wheel Dimensions (mm): 200 OD x 40 W 400 OD x 125 ID x 55 W 660 OD x 300 ID x 90 W
Feed Plate Diameter (mm): 200 420 580
Feed Plate Drive by DC Motor (HP): 0.125 0.25 1.50
Feed Plate Speed, infinitely variable (rpm): 1 - 5 1 - 5 1 - 30
Wheel Drive Motor (each) (HP): 1.0 3.0 10.0
Gross Weight (kgs.): 450 800 1300
Shipping Volume (m3): 0.50 1.00 4.60

Crush Grinding: In this process, distance between the two grinding wheels is set to the required spring length. Springs are fed through the loading plate between the grinding wheels. As the desired length is attained, springs fall through a chute to the bottom from where they may be collected. The removal of extra material is possible by single pass as well as by multiple pass

Down Feed Grinding: In this process, the top wheel has a down feed arrangement. After the springs are loaded and fed between the grinding wheels, the Down Feed cycle starts. As the cycle proceeds, grinding pressure on the wheels rises, which increases the current of the spindle motor till it reaches the preset upper limit. At this point, Down Feed stops and grinding continues in Spark Out. During Spark Out, current begins to drop gradually, down to the preset lower limit. Then Down Feed starts again. This cycle continues till the desired spring length is reached. The setting of cycle is done with the help of scale, dogs and electrical limit switches. The Down Feed and the loading plate drive are both infinitely variable to suit individual springs.

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