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Manufacturing Process Flow:
- Loading of Paper Strip Rolls
- Mounting on Rolls
- Application of Adhesive
- Scraping of Adhesive
- Pasting Through Rollers
- Forming of Angle Board
- In-Line Cutting at Desired Length
- Optional - Cutting ‘V’ slots on Angle Board
Pre-Forming and Forming Machine
In-Line Cutting Machine

Cascade Gluing System, Outer Layer Forming & Pasting by Roller

Reel Stand
Model: ABM-4 ABM-4/HS ABM-6
Production Capacity: 15 to 20 meters / minute 30 to 45 meters / minute 10 to 15 meters / minute
Thickness of Angle Board: 3 mm to 8 mm 3 mm to 8 mm 3 mm to 8 mm
Paper: Recycled Bamboo Paper / Non-Recycled Recycled / Bamboo Paper / Non-Recycled
Min. Size of Angle Board: 25 x 25 mm (1" x 1") 25 x 25 mm (1" x 1") 25 x 25 mm (1" x 1")
Max. Size of Angle Board: 100 x 100 mm (4" x 4") 100 x 100 mm (4" x 4") 150 x 150 mm (6" x 6")
No. of Layers: 16 Layers 16 Layers 16 Layers
Max. strip width for inner layers: 200 mm 200 mm 300 mm
Max. strip width for outer layer: 430 mm 430 mm 630 mm
Cascade Gluing System: 2 x 1.0 HP + 2 kW Heater 2 x 1.0 HP + 2 kW Heater 2 x 1.0 HP + 2 kW Heater
Pre-Forming Machine: 2.0 HP 2.0 HP 2.0 HP
Forming Machine: 4.5 HP 4.5 HP 6.0 HP
In-Line Cutting Machine: 0.5 HP 0.5 HP 0.5 HP
Shipment: In 40 feet FCL container In 40 feet FCL container In 40 feet FCL container





VIDEO OF ABM-4 with Optional Tooling for '\__/' CHANNEL BOARD

Pre-Forming / Pasting of Layers of Paper and Outer Layer Pasting

Pre-Forming / Pasting of Layers of Paper and Outer Layer Pasting

Control Panel

Control Panel

Reel Holding Stand: Reel Holding stand is used to hold and feed the paper properly into Glue Cascade system. It is made of MS angles and flats. It has bottom rollers to adjust to any position during operation.

Cascade Gluing System: It is used to transfer the Glue from Glue tank to paper layers properly. In this system, there will be a Glue tank having stainless steel inner Jacket and MS outer jacket. Between these two jackets water will be there which will be heated to boil the Glue by means of electric heaters, if necessary. Glue will be pumped to Paper layers by Gearpump of capacity 120 litres per hour. Paper tension arrangement, Glue supply system and glue scrapper system to remove excess glue provided.

Pre-Forming Machine: In this system, the paper layers are fed into rotating Rubber rollers and formed to the required thickness. Outer layer having low GSM (paper thickness) and low Glue Value is fed along with these papers by means of extra glue arrangement. In this machine, the required width and thickness is obtained.

Forming Machine: After pre-forming, the papers are fed into forming machine which has three stations with big angular female and male rollers operated pneumatically. As the paper is fed through the machine, the angle is formed stage by stage and then it is passed to the shearing system. Rollers are driven by motors with speed control.

In-Line Cutting Machine: The formed edge protector is passed to the online Guillotine Shear. It cuts the edge protector to the required length. Shear is operated by a pneumatic cylinder which is actuated by an electric switch / sensor.

Forming Machine

Gluing System

Outer Layer Unit

Slitting Rewinding Machine: It is used to slit the paper to the required width. Supplied with unwinding shafts for easy loading and unloading. Paper draw roller, tensioning arrangement, centrifugal clutch and pulley drive arrangement provides tight winding after slitting:
Model: MSRM-1100
Maximum Width of Roll: 1100 mm
Slitting Capacity: 6 Metric Tons of Paper per 8 hours shift
Paper Thickness Range: 60 GSM to 600 GSM
Minimum Slitting Width: 30 mm
Drive: 7.5 HP motor with AC Drive for variable speed

Wrap Around Punching Machine: This machine cuts slots on the formed Angle Board so that the Angle Board can be folded to make round shape. A die is fitted into a 10 Ton Power press. Supplied with 1 HP motor.

Compressor: Reciprocating Air Compressor with 10 HP motor

Wrap Around Punching Machine

Slitting Rewinding Machine

Slitting Rewinding Machine
Process of manufacturing the Angle Board:
1. Load the paper strips as per the size of paper angle required on the reel stand
2. Paper mounted on the roller and rods will arrive at the Glue Stand
3. Paper Strip Gumming takes place at the Glue Stand by pouring adhesive on the strips with a pump
4. Excess glue from the paper strips is removed by scraping knives
5.The excess glue goes back into the gluing tank
6. Paper strips are pasted on each other under a Roller
7. The gummed paper strips are then passed through the forming rollers to give them the angle
8. The Angle Board is cut at the desired length by the In Line Cutting Machine
9. Optional Operation: Power Press is used to cut slots on the Angle Board for use on round articles like drums
Raw Material that can be used for making Angle Board
1. Semi Kraft Paper of 120 GMS to 180 GSM BF 16/24
2. Kraft Board Paper of 200 GSM to 500 GSM BF 14/16
3. Grey Board Paper of 200 GSM to 500 GSM BF 14/16
4. Virgin Kraft Paper of 150 GSM to 200 GSM BF 18/30

Man Power Required
1 Main Operator
1 Power Press Operator
1 Helper

Forming Rollers

In-Line Cutting Machine Blade

'\__/' Channel Type Angle Board with Optional Tooling

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