2D and 3D Pantograph Milling and Engraving Machines

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3 D Universal Pantograph Milling and Engraving Machines 2 D Pantograph Engraving Machines

3 D Universal Pantograph Milling and Engraving Machines


Model: PG-400

Model: PG-200
- These Three Dimensional Pedestal Type Pantograph Milling Engraving Machines are hand operated and have very wide applications
- The machines can be used for Die-Sinking work such as Coining Dies, Forging Dies, and pattern-makers shop
- The machines can be used for light milling work also
- The machine body is of close grain cast-iron
- The main spindle is fitted on high precision bearings and has 8 speeds ranging from 1100 to 12000 rpm. This wide range of speeds make it possible to use the correct speeds for different types of material
- The swiveling points of the Pantograph arm system run in  needle roller bearings giving a ling life without adjustment. Master shapes can be traced with high sensitivity and accuracy with the sensitive hinge system.
- Foot operated switch leaves both hands of the operator free. The operator can comfortably, in a sitting position, reach all the controls for adjustment and operation
- The reduction ratio of the pantograph arm can be adjusted beyond the usual values very accurately by putting slip gauge blocks between the measuring bases provided on the arms
- The  cutter spring goes up automatically by spring pressure after engraving each character, thus preventing spoiling of the job. It is also free of vibration even at maximum speed, thus ensuring a clean and excellent surface finish of the job
Model: PG-400 PG-200
Reduction ratio (Max): 1:1.5 1:1.5
Reduction ratio (Min): 1:10 1:5
Length of Pantograph arms: 400 mm 200 mm
Spindle Collets: 3, 4, 5, 6 mm 4 mm
Work Table
Size: 200 x 315 mm 120 x 170 mm
No of ‘T’ slots: 4 3
Cross travel: 160 mm 100 mm
Vertical travel: 320 mm 120 mm
Longitudinal travel: 260 mm 130 mm
Maximum distance between cutter spindle and tail: 320 mm 150 mm
Template Table
Size: 315 x 450 mm 170 x 225 mm
No of ‘T’ slots: 4 3
Vertical travel: 150 mm 80 mm
Longitudinal travel: 160 mm 80 mm
No. of cutting speeds: 8 4
Range of speeds: 1100 - 12000 RPM 1000 - 10000 RPM
Motor: 0.37 kW 0.20 kW
Net / Gross weight: 450 / 550 Kgs. 120 / 160 Kgs.
Overall Dimensions: 1350 x 1100 x 1500 mm 800 x 800 x 800 mm
Shipping Volume: 2.3 m3 0.6 m3
Standard Accessories: Motor, Starter, Spindle Collets, Endless Cords, Cutter Setting Bar, Necessary Spares, Machine Lamp
Optional Accessories: Single Lip Cutter Grinder, Set of Brass Letters and Numerals, Circular Letter Dial, Universal Vice: 4" & 6", Rough Milling Attachment, Circular Rotary Table, Indexing Work Holder with Chuck 4" (Tilting), Roll Engraving Attachment, Electric Etching Attachment.

Single Lip Cutter Grinder

Rough Milling Attachment

Universal Vice

Circular Table

Circular Letter Dial

Indexing Work Holder

2 D Pantograph Engraving Machines


Model: SG-1

Model: SG-2
- Versatile machine that traces from a single 'master' an identical reproduction on various sizes on all types of material, giving a truly professional result
- Multiple Engraving Possibilities: Sign Plates, Badges, Tags, Personal Effects, Identifications, Designations, Illustrations, Markings, Numbering, Trade Marking Symbols, Displays, Safety Warnings, and limitless other applications
- Engraving is obtained by copying from a template or model. The template could be letters, numerals, etc. or any particular design.
- Pantograph is provided with a variable ratio adjustment. Scales are provided on the pantograph for adjusting the desired ratio, which will always be reduction from the template or character
- A Self Centering Work Holding Vice is provided with arrangements for lateral and cross movement
- Copy holding slides are positioned on the tracer plate by a simple clamping device. This arrangement allows one or more composed texts to be positioned as desired. Graduated scales ensure parallelism between copy holding slides and work holding vice.
- The cutter spindle runs in precision bearings at a speed of rotation designed for engraving a wide variety of materials. A regulating device automatically ensures constant depth of engraving on a flat or slightly uneven surface
- Area covered by the pantograph can usually be increased by the movements of the vice as also sliding the pantograph carrier along its slideway, or alternatively by moving the copy holding slide or the component being engraved. Extra large areas can be engraved on the SG-2 machine as this machines ahs a Lift-off type pantograph which can be positioned as desired.
- There are three types of Cutting tools / cutters: 
    1. High Speed Steel Cutters for engraving on perspex, acrylic, plastic, brass, anodized aluminum, hardwood, etc.
    2.Tungsten Carbide Cutters for engraving on abrasive plastic material, bakelite, hylam, formica, etc.
    3. Diamond Cutters for use of scratch marking on metals like Silver, Gold, Platinum or on glass, etc.
    Profiles of the cutters determine the form of the groove which is engraved and can be suitably ground on a cutter grinder
- Model: SG-1 is a portable, affordable, bench machine, ideally suited for a variety of engraving jobs
- Model: SG-2 is a multiple application engraving machine for precision bench work as well as extra large panels. It incorporates a special Lift-off type pantograph for engraving  jobs not generally possible in other conventional machines. Adapted for electronic mimic panels, numbering parts, marking tools, gauges, fixtures, cutting stencils, special profiles, etc.
Model: SG-1 SG-2
Pantograph Ratio (max.): 2.5:1 2:1
Pantograph Ratio (Min): 6:1 8:1
Template Table: 387 x 150 mm 620 x 254 mm
Self centering Vice max. opening: 90 mm 100 mm
Engraving Cutters diameter: 3.15 mm 6.35 mm
Dimensions: 560 x 490 x 390 mm 950 x 860 x 600 mm
Net / Gross Weight: 17 / 35 kgs. 60 / 90 kgs.
Standard Accessories: Motor, Copy Slide, Nylon belt, H. S. S. cutter, Carbide Cutter
Additional Recommended Tools and Spares: H. S. S. cutters, Carbide Cutters, Diamond Cutters, Copy Slides, Cutter Bottom, Ball Bearings, Cutter Head Spindle, Regulator with micrometer screw, nose, Vertical Copy Slides, End Stops, Rotary Fixture, Tabulator for engraving series of figures, Carbon Brushes, Nylon Belts, etc.

Rotary Fixture

Tabulator for engraving series of figures
Optional Accessories: Cutter Grinder Model: SG/CG-1, Master Copy type letter sets, etc.

Cutter Grinder model: SG/CG-1


- Cutter infeed: 0.02 mm
- Maximum Collet Capacity: 8 mm diameter
- Angular Adjustment: 180o
- Dimensions: 530 x 530 x 460 mm
- Net / Gross Weight: 25 / 45 kgs.

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