Friction Drop Hammers

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- Suitable for precision forging for the Automobile, Railways, Defense, Aeronautics, Hand Tools, Agricultural, Bicycle and other engineering industries

-ANVIL BLOCK: Made of Grey Cast Iron weighing approximately 20 times the nominal capacity of the hammer. It is machined on both the top and bottom faces to hold die holder firmly and maintain position of the columns. Die holder fixed in the anvil block is forged from high grade alloy steel hardened and positioned properly with alloy steel tapered wedge

- COLUMNS, SLIDES and TUP: Cast Steel columns, duly annealed and machined, positioned by a large spigot on the underside of each foot which fits into a machined recess in the anvil block. Columns locked with tapered wedges of alloy steel to ensure firm alignment of columns which helps in accurate grinding of tup (made of EN-9 cast steel). The clearance between the tup and guideways attached to columns maintained with the help of tapered wedge which brings the columns inward and the drawback bolt provided which pushes the columns outwards. Synthetic rubber mat provided on anvil block on which the columns rest. This dampens the induced shock vibrations, which increases the life of the tup and columns and also ensures smooth working of the machine for longer period.

- GEAR HEAD: Heavy Duty Gear Head fabricated from rolled steel sections is mounted on top of the columns. Drive is through 'V' belts from high torque A.C. electric motor through flywheel and reduction gears to the lifter shaft. Friction lifting system fitted to the lifter shaft runs on double ball bearings and a central Phosphorous Bronze bearing. Friction lifter consists of constantly rotating drum and brake lined steel band. This band is anchored at one end to a stud in the lifter drum and the other end is carried by camshaft running through lifter drum, which is actuated by a lever. The lever is operated with the help of a pulling cord tied to the lever at one end and goes to operating point by passing through a capstan bush attached to the lifter shaft. When the cord is pulled, it tightens on to the rotating capstan bush, which operate the lever resulting in tightening of brake around the brake drum with the help of the camshaft. At this stage the lifter drum is rotated and tup is lifted with the help of a nylon belt. On release of the cord, the spring loaded arrangement helps free fall of the tup by disengaging friction band immediately from the friction drum. The spring loaded buffer works as a stopper for lifting drum in its rest position. Positive water cooling arrangement is provided to the friction drum to prevent excessive heating.


Model: FDH-300 FDH-500 FDH-750 FDH-1000 FDH-1250 FDH-1500 FDH-2000 FDH-2500 FDH-3000
Size of Hammer (kg) 300 500 750 1000 1250 1500 2000 2500 3000
Weight of Tup (kg) 300 500 750 1000 1250 1500 2000 2500 3000
Space between slides (mm) 360 432 495 542 575 620 670 727 800
Stroke Maximum (mm) 1450 1565 1630 1700 1700 1835 1835 1980 2100
Max weight top die (kg): 100 155 225 280 330 460 510 650 740
Tup Front to Back (mm): 330 400 430 490 520 550 610 660 700
Total height of machine (mm) 5000 5500 5590 6020 6300 6600 6750 7000 7250
Max. number of blows per minute: 45 - 95 44 - 90 40 - 82 36 - 75 36 - 75 32 - 66 32 - 66 30 - 62 25 - 56
Max. weight of Job (kg): 0.5 1 2 3 5 10 20 35 50
Motor (HP): 20 30 40 50 60 70 100 125 150
Approximate  Weight (kg): 13000 21000 27000 34000 42000 50000 63000 71000 84000
Standard Accessories:     Electric motor and starter

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