Mini Rice Mill

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- A very compact and Sturdy Rice Mill. A 400 square feet floor space is sufficient for running the plant conveniently.
- High Operating Efficiency
- Completely Automatic Process
- Just 2 to 3 persons can operate the plant in a dust free, clean working environment
- Polishing done without any Abrasive Cone and Rubber Parts, thereby saving on the operating cost and breakdowns of the plant
- Excellent milling gives a beautiful glossy finish to rice
- High and uniform husking ratio due to specially designed gearbox
- Arrangement for complete Bran collection
- Four Main Operations: Pre-Cleaning - Shelling (De-husking) - Polishing (Milling) - Grading

Model: MRM-700
Capacity 500 to 700 kg / hour paddy
Power 15 HP + 1 HP + 1 HP / 3 Phase  Motor
Rubber Roll Size Diameter 6.5"; Width 4"
Bucket Elevator Height 3500 mm; Weight 82 kg.
Weight of Main Machine 300 kg.
Weight of Complete Plant 900 kg.
Weight of Complete Plant with packing 1200 kg.
Shipping Volume 9.2 m3
Paddy Cleaner: This unit has an oscillating Screen and a Centrifugal Blower. All impurities like stones, paddy stalks, dust, dead paddy, etc. are effectively separated. The clean paddy is then conveyed to the main machine through a bucket elevator.

Main Machine: The main machine has two rubber rolls rotating in opposite direction at different speeds. Paddy is husked between these rolls. A blower fan separates brown rice from husk. The brown rice is then passed to the polishing chamber. This chamber has a specially designed hollow polishing roller with screen casing. Brown rice is polished by frictional action among the grains.
Air is injected through the roller, which helps in the removal of bran and in the cooling of the grain. An aspirator and a cyclone arrangement is also provided for collection of rice bran.
Polished rice is taken on a small screen to separate broken particles

Standard Accessories: Motors, Paddy Cleaner, 2 Bucket Elevators, Mini Rice Mill & Grader

Optional Spares: Polishing Screen, Polishing Screw, Rubber Roller

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