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Hydraulic Parts / Hydraulic Lift Shaft and Lift Arm / Hydraulic Pump

Ref. No. Original Part Nos. Description
P101 180973 M2 Link Hyd.
P102 182580 M1 Hyd. Plunger
P103 180972 M2 Hyd. Clevis
P104 180974 M1 Bushing Top Link
P105 182581 M1 Seat Hyd. Plunger
P106 180981 M1 Disc Overload
P107 190856 M1 Stand Pipe
P108 -- Quadrant Assly. Complete
P109 181022 M1 Shaft Assly. Position Control
P110 181019 M1 Shaft Assly. Draft Control
P111 181039 M1 Position Lever Assly.
P112 181038 M1 Lever Assly. Small
P113 181033 M1 Slide
P114 -- L & K Bolt Hyd.
P115 190861 M1 Hydraulic Lift Cover Assly.
P116 182582 M1 Hydraulic Spring TAFE
P117 180979 M1 Lift Check Nut
P118 180940 M1 Spring Control Valve
P119 189368 M1 Bracket Valve Lever Guide
P120 189367 M1 Cover
P121 189373 M1 Housing Strainer Intake
P122 190885 M1 Lever Assly. Position
P123 190884 M1 Lever Assly.
P124 184472 M93 Hyd. Pump Assly.
P125 182006 M1 Body Front
P126 182005 M1 Body Rear
P127 190799 M1 Hyd. Sq. Piston
P128 180937 M91 Drive Assly. Ascillation
P129 713286 M1 Hyd. Shaft S.H.
P130 713286 M1 Hyd. Shaft D.H.
P131 713287 M1 Hyd. Side Arm
P132 180970 M1 Hyd. Ram Arm (Mango)
P133 181018 M1 Bush Hyd.
P134 897580 M1 Washer Hyd. S. H.
P135 361526 X1 Screw Hyd. Shaft
P136 191211 M1 Connecting Rod
P137 195583 M1 Pin Roll
P138 713288 M1 Piston Hyd. STD
P139 713288 M1 Piston – Oversize upto 040
P140 195565 M1 Shaft ‘O’ Ring
P141 184447 M1 Piston Ring STD
P142 184447 M1 Piston Ring - Oversize upto 040
P143 190859 M1 Ram Cylinder
P144 832712 M1 Stud Ram Cylinder Big
P145 832711 M1 Stud Ram Cylinder Small
P146 180997 M1 Shaft Link
P147 181010 M1 Bracket Lever Support
P148 180983 M91 ‘C’ Cam Hyd.
P149 180993 M91 ‘D’ Cam Hyd.
P150 190855 M1 Rod Draft Control
P151 -- Hyd. Roller with Bush Set
P152 899149 M3 Hyd. Shaft for MF-245
P153 897575 M1 Hyd. Side Arm for MF-245
P154 886405 M1 Hyd. Ram Arm (Mango) for MF-245
P155 886410 M1 Connecting Rod for MF-245
P156 897560 M3 Ram Cylinder for MF-245
P157 1665737 M91 Piston Hyd. MF-245
P158 1665685 M91 Ring Hyd. MF-245
P159 1870934 M1 Bush Hyd.
P160 190799 M1 Hyd. Sq. Piston STD
P161 190799 M1 Hyd. Sq. Piston Oversize from 010 to 040
P162 180924 M2 Hyd. Cam Block Bush, Collar Type
P163 180925 M2 Hyd. Cam Block Bush, Plain
P164 180933 M1 Follower Cam
P165 190848 M1 Sq. Piston Ring
P166 181993 M1 Hyd Camshaft P3
P167 1868544 M92 Hyd Camshaft P3 DI
P168 195949 M91 Bush Pump Plate
P169 189487 M91 Control Valve (Nitride)
P170 190537 M91 Safety Valve Big
P171 190537 M91 Safety Valve Small
P172 2125936 K1 Valve Chamber Kit (Nitride)
P173 2125936 K1 Valve Chamber Kit (Plain)
P174 184471 M1 Valve Chamber Body
P175 185551 M92 Hyd. Filter
P176 185555 M1 Filter Cap & Bowl
P177 189370 M91 Lever Assly. Control Valve
P178 2125092 K1 Hyd. ‘O’ Ring Kit
P179 -- Hyd. ‘O’ Ring Kit MF-245
P180 180926 M1 Coupling
P181 1868538 M4 Coupling DI

Centre Housing / Rear Axle / Differential / Steering Parts

Ref. No. Original Part Nos. Description
P182 712745 M91 C. H. Side Plate
P183 712743 M92 Dip Stick
P184 880069 M1 Coupling Rear Drive
P185 1871924 M1 Coupling Rear Drive MF-245
P186 186047 M91 Shaft Assly. Rear Drive Big
P187 186047 M91 Shaft Assly. Rear Drive Small
P188 195569 M1 Pin Pump Support
P189 195460 M1 Plug Magnetic
P190 825774 M2 Block Thrust
P191 181225 M91 Assly. Through
P192 712744 M1 Side Cover R. H.
P193 183259 M1 Shim Rear Axle Thick
P194 183260 M1 Shim Rear Axle Thin
P195 180596 M1 Rear Axle Collar
P196 713930 M91 Rear Axle 19 Teeth
P197 713930 M91 Rear Axle 39 Teeth
P198 181229 M1 / M5 Lower Link Shaft
P199 182287 M1 Screw Brake Drum
P200 182115 M1 Crown Wheel and Pinion Set
P201 -- Crown Wheel and Pinion Set MF-245
P202 -- Spider Kit 39T (Set of 7)
P203 -- Spider Kit 39T (Set of 7) (Big Height)
P204 -- Spider Kit 39 x 16T (Set of 7) (Big Height)
P205 -- Spider Kit 19T (Set of 7)
P206 885518 M1 Diff. Gear 39 x 14T
P207 -- Diff. Gear 39 x 14T (Big Height)
P208 -- Diff. Gear 39 x 16T (Big Height)
P209 181249 M1 Diff. Gear 39 x 16T
P210 897725 M1 Star Gear / Pinion Diff. (39 T)
P211 181275 M1 Star Gear / Pinion Diff. (19 T)
P212 181276 M1 Spider Cross
P213 514958 M1 Diff. Washer Set 39T STD
P214 897726 M1 (Copper) O/S (Set of 6) - Extra $ 0.10
P215 -- Diff. Washer Set 19T STD
P216 -- (Copper) O/S (Set of 6) - Extra $ 0.10
P217 514958 M1 Diff. Washer Set 39T STD
P218 897726 M1 (Bronze) O/S (Set of 6) - Extra $ 0.10
P219 -- Diff. Washer Set 19T STD
P220 -- (Bronze) O/S (Set of 6) - Extra $ 0.10
P221 712564 M92 Diff. Case Assly.
P222 -- Pinion Check Nut
P223 532956 M1 Pinion Check Nut MF-245
P224 184046 M1 Pinion Sleeve MF-1035
P225 714596 M91 Pinion Sleeve MF-245
P226 196097 M1 Pinion Lock Set of 2
P227 2125682 K1 Steering Shaft w/nut (P-3) Big
P228 2125682 K1 Steering Shaft w/nut (P-3) Small
P229 2125683 K2 Steering Shaft w/nut DI
P230 2125624 K1 Steering Main Nut
P231 -- Steering Ball Big
P232 -- Steering Ball Small
P233 2125625 K1 Transfer Tube
P234 2125626 K1 Lock Transfer Tube
P235 212589 K1 Steering Peg Ball O/M & N/M
P236 2125619 K2 Shim Peg Ball
P237 -- Steering Kit (Set of 4)
P238 2125581 K1 Adjustable Ball Race
P239 2125582 K1 Spherical Ball Race
P240 2125592 K1 Ball Race Ring
P241 -- Steering Check Nut
P242 180577 M1 Steering Makhi Washer
P243 2125596 K1 Steering Top Nut
P244 180576 M1 Steering Wheel
P245 2125623 K1 Steering Drop Arm RH
P246 2125622 K1 Steering Drop Arm LH
P247 2125627 K1 Rocker Shaft Primary
P248 2125588 K1 Rocker Shaft Secondary
P249 2125616 K1 Steering Side Cover
P250 2125583 K2 Steering Bush Bronze (Set of 4)
P251 2125594 K1 Steering Sector Nut F/T2 R/T
P252 -- Steering Tube Top
P253 768300 M1 Plug Filler
P254 2125629 M1 Steering Outer Tube Big and Small OE
P255 -- Gear Cup with Check Nut
P256 711839 M1 Centre Housing TAFE
P257 180905 M1 Pin Pump Support
P258 181905 M1 Trough Assly.
P259 88069 M1 Coupling Rear Drive
P260 897037 M92 Rear Axle 39 Teeth
P261 897037 M92 Rear Axle 19 Teeth
P262 827707 M3 Brake Drum
P263 183249 M3 Rear Axle Housing RH
P264 897030 M2 Rear Axle Housing LH
P265 183255 M2 Rear Axle Hub
P266 -- R. W. Bolt w/nut (P-3)
P267 182115 M1 Crown Pinion
P268 -- Crown Pinion TAFE
P269 885618 M1 Differential Gear 39 Teeth
P270 -- Crown Bolt w/nut
P271 -- Diff. Case Bolt
P272 -- Diff. Washer set TAFE
P273 713787 M1 Oil Splasher
P274 710961 M92 Drag Link Assly.
P275 2125629 K1 Outer Tube Assly.
P276 180437 M1 Gear Fork Big
P277 180443 M1 Gear Fork Small
P278 -- Gear Box Plunger & Spring Kit TAFE
P279 -- Gear Fork Screw

Front Axle

Ref. No. Original Part Nos. Description
P280 182850 M1 Bush Centre Pin Big
P281 182850 M1 Bush Centre Pin Small
P282 712097 M1 Centre Pin N/M
P283 -- Centre Pin L Type
P284 712098 M1 Plate Locking
P285 195175 M1 T-126 Bearing
P286 -- Spindle Rod
P287 897236 M94 Front Spindle N/M RH
P288 897237 M94 Front Spindle N/M LH
P289 -- Front Spindle O/M RH
P290 -- Front Spindle O/M LH
P291 -- Ball Radius Rod
P292 -- Cap Front Wheel Hub
P293 886336 N1 Front Wheel Hub N/M OE W/Cap
P294 886336 N1 Front Wheel Hub DI OE W/Cap
P295 -- Front Wheel Hub O/M OE W/Cap
P296 712585 M91 Radius Rod
P297 -- Radius Rod Ball
P298 180350 M1 Spindle Arm
P299 183219 M91 Assly. Centre Axle
P300 180327 M1 Spindle Assly. RH
P301 180326 M1 Spindle Assly. LH
P302 -- Front Wheel Hub Cap
P303 -- Steering Tube Top
P304 -- Drag Link Assly.


Ref. No. Original Part Nos. Description
P305 -- International B-275 Pinion
P306 -- International High Speed Pinion

Transmission & Gear Parts

Ref. No. Original Part Nos. Description
P307 180006 M91 Knob Gear Lever Big
P308 897690 M1 Gear Lever Cup with Check Nut
P309 192007 M1 Spring Gear Lever
P310 1861024 M Seat Spring
P311 180418 M1 Gear Box Ball and Spring Kit
P312 881144 M1 Screw Gear Fork
P313 894702 M1 Main Shaft Big
P314 180441 M1 Main Shaft Small
P315 891904 M1 Double Gear
P316 520700 M3 Gear Low Speed (44 Teeth)
P317 520700 M3 Gear Low Speed (45 Teeth)
P318 184170 M1 Chilam Lock
P319 181799 M1 Gear Constant Mesh
P320 183085 M2 Counter Shaft
P321 180420 M1 Main Drive Shaft
P322 180415 M1 Pinion High Speed
P323 180419 M1 Pinion Intermediate Speed
P324 184770 M2 Coupler Planetary Small
P325 180435 M1 Coupler Planetary Big
P326 180407 M2 Plate Carrier Unit
P327 180408 M1 / M2 C. Unit Plate Cut Type
P328 897367 M1 C. Unit Washer N/M
P329 -- C. Unit Washer O/M
P330 897711 M2 Carrier Unit Assly. N/M OE
P331 1865528 M1 Planetary Ring N/M
P332 180403 M1 Shim Planetary
P333 -- C. Unit Repair Kit N/M
P334 180445 M1 Shaft Reverse Gear OE
P335 -- Washer reverse Gear
P336 -- Reverse Gear Roller Kit
P337 -- Gear Box Lock Kit
P338 1868535 M1 Counter Shaft DI
P339 1868536 M1 Counter Shaft MF-245
P340 1687643 M1 Main Shaft MF-245
P341 711970 M1 Chilam N/M
P342 -- Chilam O/M
P343 1867690 M2 Spring Clutch Hub MF-1035
P344 1867690 M2 Spring Clutch Hub MF-245
P345 354458 X1 Foot Rest Stud Big W/Nut
P346 353964 X1 Foot Rest Stud Small
P347 180441 M1 Shaft Clutch Pedal Big and Small
P348 183040 M1 Gear Cluster Reverse
P349 711 187 M2 Transmission Case Assly. TAFE
P350 891405 M1 Gear Lever Big
P351 711300 M1 Rail Shaft Big
P352 180442 M2 Rail Shaft Medium
P353 880109 M1 Rail Shaft Small
P354 180453 M1 Plate Gear Lever
P355 180457 M1 Pin Selector

Engine Parts

Ref. No. Original Part Nos. Description
P356 00670153 Crankshaft Pulley
P357 33176137 Washer (Crank)
P358 -- Tensioner Repair Kit
P359 0440472 Housing Timing W/Moon.
P360 00240001 Timing Moon.
P361 24DE0065 Timing Plate Front N/M
P362 -- Timing Plate O/M (with pipe)
P363 00940863 W.P. Brass DI
P364 -- Plate W.P. Brass DI
P365 00995436 Tensioner T
P366 20DE0030 Elbow Cyl. Head AL O/M
P367 -- Elbow Cyl. Head AL N/M
P368 00201443 Thermostat Body
P369 00201276 Elbow Small AL
P370 DE000910 Tonkey Bracket
P371 00101188 Bracket Rocker Shaft
P372 -- Tappet Cover O/M AL
P373 1661930 M93 Silencer Assly.
P374 -- Clamp Silencer
P375 DE000971 S Pipe
P376 00360082 Fan Plastic
P377 -- Water Jacket Pipe
P378 0075001 Shaft Fuel Pump Drive
P379 00050012/13 Bush Fuel Pump Drive
P380 DE005027 Coupling Assly. Fibre
P381 005027 Coupling Assly. Rubber
P382 -- Coupling Fibre
P383 -- Coupling Rubber
P384 00100405 Bracket Fuel Pump
P385 -- Fly Wheel Ring (115 Teeth)
P386 -- Fly Wheel Ring (122 Teeth)

Top Link & Lower Link

Ref. No. Original Part Nos. Description
P387 71274 M91 Top Link Assly. P3 & DI
P388 2125247 K1 Top Link End RH
P389 2125248 K1 Top Link End LH
P390 712110 M91 Lower Link Assly. RH
P391 712111 M91 Lower Link Assly. LH
P392 -- End Lower Link RH
P393 -- End Lower Link LH
P394 -- Lower Ball Link
P395 -- Top Ball Link
P396 712107 Lower Link MF
P397 712108 Lower Link MF 1035 DI
P398 712344 M2 Leveling Box
P399 185220 M1 Shaft Leveling Box
P400 180853 M1 Knuckle Leveling
P401 712478 M92 Rod Leveling
P402 186799 M1 Anchor Plate
P403 712477 M1 Fork Leveling
P404 180502 M1 P.T.O. Hub
P405 -- P.T.O. Hub MF-245 & DI

Body Parts

Ref. No. Original Part Nos. Description
P406 195638 M91 Front Wheel Rim TAFE
P407 2125631 K1 Front Wheel Rim TAFE
P408 2125632 K1 Disc. R. Wheel TAFE
P409 711692 M93 Mud Guard
P410 825633 M91 Tool Box
P411 180452 M1 Fork Clutch Release
P412 826816 M93 Side Panel LH TAFE
P413 826815 M92 Side Panel RH TAFE
P414 713444 M92 Bonnet Assly. TAFE
P415 826817 M94 Bottom Panel
P416 -- Side Sticker Set
P417 -- Front Monogram TAFE
P418 -- Front Grill TAFE
P419 714416 M91 Assly. Fuel Tank TAFE
P420 713893 M91 Dash Board

Brake Parts

Ref. No. Original Part Nos. Description
P421 -- Brake Shoe Repair Kit
P422 2125752 K1 Brake Shoe Spring Big
P423 2125753 K1 Brake Shoe Spring Small
P424 2125754 K1 Brake Adjuster
P425 2125746 K1 Anchor Pin
P426 2125749 K Anchor Pin Plate
P427 -- Radius Rod Cap Set
P428 180809 M1 Spring Parking
P429 181150 M1 Latch Parking Brake
P430 181149 M1 Actuator
P431 894535 M Assly. Brake Rod
P432 1850254 M91 Brake Shoe Assly. Complete
P433 225742 K1 Brake Plate
P434 2125751 K1 Brake Shoe Complete
P435 892545 M1 Brake Shaft
P436 181960 M1 Lock Combined Brake

Clutch Parts

Ref. No. Original Part Nos. Description
P437 712482 M91 Clutch Plate MF-1035
P438 -- Clutch Plate MF-1035 DI
P439 1866042 M93 Clutch Plate MF-245
P440 -- Clutch Release Plate
P441 -- Clutch Repair Kit

Hose Pipe

Ref. No. Original Part Nos. Description
P442 -- Hose Pipe Kit MF-1035 (Set of 9)
P443 -- Hose Pipe Kit MF-1035 N/M
P444 -- Hose Pipe Kit MF-1035 DI
P445 -- Hose Pipe Kit MF-245
P446 -- Hose Pipe Kit MF-135
P447 -- Fuel Cork N/M
P448 -- Tonkey Pad Big
P449 -- Tonkey Pad Small
P450 2125770 K1 Radiator Cap
P451 714360 M91 Cap Diesel Tank
P452 -- Cap Diesel Tank w/lock
P453 -- Hose Pipe Kit Complete P-3
P454 -- Hose Pipe Kit Complete DI
P455 -- Hose Pipe Kit Complete MF-245
P456 711438 M91 Assly. Reserve Tank

Miscellaneous Parts

Ref. No. Original Part Nos. Description
P457 711770 M92 Foot Board Assly RH
P458 711777 M92 Foot Board Assly LH
P459 -- Oil Filter P-3
P460 -- Oil Filter DI
P461 -- Oil Filter 245 Tin Type
P462 -- Diesel Filter Set
P463 -- Air Cleaner Assly. DI
P464 -- Air Cleaner Bowl DI
P465 -- Air Cleaner Net DI
P466 -- Air Cleaner Clamp
P467 -- Pre Cleaner DI TAFE
P468 -- Pre Cleaner Pipe DI
P469 -- Air Cleaner Assly. MF-245
P470 -- Air Cleaner Bowl MF-245
P471 -- Air Cleaner Net MF-245
P472 -- Pre Cleaner MF-245
P473 -- Oil Filter Assly. P-3 Complete
P474 -- Oil Filter Cap P-3
P475 -- Oil Filter Bowl P-3
P476 -- Oil Filter Assly. DI Complete
P477 -- Oil Filter Cap DI
P478 -- Oil Filter Glass DI
P479 99DE 0766 Water Pump Assly. P-3
P480 99S3 0476 Water Pump Assly. DI and S-3
P481 99S2 0765 Water Pump Assly. S-2
P482 54099100 Water Pump Assly. S-4


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